Stueve: Soccer Sensation

Megan Stueve, graduated senior forward, has received yet another award for her excellence on the soccer field this past season. It was announced yesterday that she has been named second-team All-Central Region by the National Soccer Coaches Association of America. 

I had the joy of following Stueve’s soccer career this past season at Missouri Southern State University. I’d never written sports before and had no knowledge of the game. Stueve not only helped me by always being story-worthy on the field but she helped and guided me in the mechanics of the game so that I could write educated articles. 

Stueve has won many previous awards named by the MIAA. 

I spoke to Stueve today and asked her about the possibility of her playing on a team at the professional level. She said that she has been in contact with a couple of teams and hopes to be signed soon. I have no doubts that the soccer star will be picked and will continue to excel on the field and keep winning awards. 

I will continue to follow Stueve’s story of soccer success via this blog and for The Chart.

Image Photo courtesy of MSSU

Check out Stueve’s Soccer Highlights video:



I’ve been debating on what I want this blog to consist of. Do I want to write about my life? Do I want to write about my opinions? Then I think, who cares about my life or my opinions? So I decided to approach this like a journalist and apply the three W’s. Who, What and So What? Who is my audience? I think about my friends, my family and future employers. What am I writing about that my audience would want to read? I think about my input on articles written and my trip to Paris. So what is the purpose of this blog? To be myself and express myself. So that’s what I’m going to do. I’m going to write about what I want when I want.

I’m a rule follower. I’m the girl who asks for specific perimeters when given assignments and follows the instructions on the back of the cake box like it’s my job or something to bake the cake to absolute perfection. I don’t usually step outside the box or even think outside of it. But when it comes to this blog, I’ll consider it having no rules. No boundaries. Just me.

I’ll just do me and hope that’s good enough, inspiring enough and interesting enough for someone to want to read.

Let me introduce you to myself.

Let me introduce you to myself.

My name is Taylor Camden. I’m a 19 year old girl residing in Joplin, Missouri wishing I was soaking up the sun down in the south. I’m a freshman Mass Communications student at Missouri Southern State University and the Associate Editor of The Chart, the student run newspaper at my university. I work full-time as a Life Skills Trainer assisting adults with special needs and disabilities. I’m a member of Alpha Sigma Alpha sorority currently holding office as Vice President of Public Relations and Recruitment. I get my kicks from spending time with my friends, going to country music concerts and writing.