Speaking as the French do

In preparation for my trip to Paris in a few weeks, my professor has taught us a few French words and phrases. They are going to hate me in France. That is all.


Building a Brand

I haven’t posted anything in a few days because I’ve desperately been trying to work out the kinks of this website. I’m a pro at photoshop and indesign but I apparently can’t figure out a simple blogging website. With some help from a friend I’ve been able to design this blog the way I’ve wanted it to look all along. I want to add a few more pages with writing and design samples for future employers but for now this will do.

In early November I attended the National College Media Convention in Chicago. I’d say that they most relevant thing I learned while I was there was how to “build your brand”. The session was originally called “Don’t be a Twidiot” and Steven Chappell spoke on the subject. The session turned quickly from Twitter do’s and don’ts to examples and pointers on how to brand yourself on social media. I learned that it’s important how you express yourself on social media these days if you plan on getting a job in the journalism field. I quickly filtered through my Twitter and deleted some of my more vulgar tweets and have since then learned to not tweet everything that’s on my mind.

Social media is an excellent way to make a name for yourself which is why I’ve created this blog and which is why I want it to be perfect. So please, enjoy this masterpiece.

Cringeworthy News

I swear, it’s like I’m trapped in the stone age even though I was born in the 90’s.

I read an article today titled “10 Things Every Journalist Should Know in 2013” published on journalism.co.uk. A few things on the list made my heart hurt a little bit…

#:1 It’s all about skills, skills, skills.

I’m a fan of all outlets of media. I get all tingly inside when I’m holding a newspaper in my hands. But I still like to watch the news broadcast at night before bed and listen to the news stations in the radio when i’m in my car. Heck, my favorite form of getting the news is via social media. I love when newspapers push their articles all over my twitter feed.

But when it comes to my future career, I’m not so versatile. I don’t want to be in front of a camera or microphone. I don’t want to write script or take photos or honestly have anything to do with anything online. I just want to be a simple reporter. I honestly think I’d be fully satisfied if I wrote articles for a local newspaper for the rest of my life. Don’t get me wrong, I love designing too. In fact, I’m pretty good at it. But I’d rather write.

I get that times are changing and the way people want their news is changing right along with it. But is it so bad that I just wish it would stop? Time, that is. I would’ve loved to have been a reporter in the 80’s back when things were simple and people read the newsPAPER. But I want a career one day so I guess I’ll have to put my big girl panties on and develop these “skills” or whatever… I’m only a freshman. I’ve got plenty of time.

Finally, #10: It is essential to embrace change.

Do I even need to elaborate?