Building a Brand

I haven’t posted anything in a few days because I’ve desperately been trying to work out the kinks of this website. I’m a pro at photoshop and indesign but I apparently can’t figure out a simple blogging website. With some help from a friend I’ve been able to design this blog the way I’ve wanted it to look all along. I want to add a few more pages with writing and design samples for future employers but for now this will do.

In early November I attended the National College Media Convention in Chicago. I’d say that they most relevant thing I learned while I was there was how to “build your brand”. The session was originally called “Don’t be a Twidiot” and Steven Chappell spoke on the subject. The session turned quickly from Twitter do’s and don’ts to examples and pointers on how to brand yourself on social media. I learned that it’s important how you express yourself on social media these days if you plan on getting a job in the journalism field. I quickly filtered through my Twitter and deleted some of my more vulgar tweets and have since then learned to not tweet everything that’s on my mind.

Social media is an excellent way to make a name for yourself which is why I’ve created this blog and which is why I want it to be perfect. So please, enjoy this masterpiece.


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